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CP Jewelers

CP Jewelers is a brand known in baroda for over 150 years. We established our brand in the USA back in 2002 and since then there is no looking back. We have grown multifolds from diamond shows across the USA to establishing a showroom right at the heart of mini India New jersey Oaktree road, Iselin – Tagged as the only DIAMOND EXCLUSIVE store, known for our craftsmanship and specialization in custom made diamond jewelry. As we own the manufacturing of our jewelry each design at store and online is unique and can be customized as per customer request, ensuring timely delivery and high quality.

Precious metals


We have an exclusive collection of certified Diamond Rings, Wedding Bands. GIA/IGI/DGCL Certified custom design engagement rings. Certified diamond earrings, Pendent sets, Mangalsutra, Bangles, Bracelet, Anything to do with diamond, we are a one stop shop – we even design customized cufflinks, tie clips, we await your creative requests to challenge our workmanship.

Unique Selling Proposition

Our customers have been associated with us for more than a decade, trusted by clients across the USA. A known name on Oaktree street (NJ) and across the USA for our diamond Quality. Even the tiniest diamond we own is certified by authorised diamond labs based out of the USA and are highly respected in gemology . All the solitaires sold at CP Jewelers are certified by GIA, the highest authority in gemology respected worldwide, not just for buying or even selling or trading the diamonds. 

We ensure your dream doesn’t cost you a fortune but is affordable, top in class and brings only joy to you.

At CP Jewelers

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Our Origins.
And where
we want to go.

We started from Baroda,  Gujrat, India.

and the USA chapter began in 2002